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          Phosphorus trichloride
          Phosphorus oxychloride
          Phosphorous acid
          Hydrochloric acid
          Product Name Phosphorus trichloride
          CAS RN 7719-12-2
          EINECS Number 231-749-3
          Molecular Formula PCl3
          Molecular Weight 145.3963
          Physical and chemical property Colorless fuming liquid, Relative density1.574, Melting Point-112 ℃, Boiling Point75.5 ℃, soluble
                  in ether, benzene, carbon disulfide and carbon tetrachloride, in the humid air in the smoke, there
                  is a strong stimulus Nature, the case of dramatic water decomposition and release hydrogen
                  chloride gas, toxic, corrosive.
          Use Mainly for the manufacture of trichlorfon, methamidophos and acephate and net rice blast of raw
                  materials such as organophosphorus pesticides. Pharmaceutical industry for the production of         sulfadiazine (SD), five trimethoprim sulfa pyrimidine (SMD). Color dye industry for the reduction of         phenolic mixture.
          Structural Formula
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