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          Phosphorus trichloride
          Phosphorus oxychloride
          Phosphorous acid
          Hydrochloric acid
          Product Name Hydrochloric acid
          CAS RN 7782-50-5
          EINECS Number 231-595-7
          Molecular Formula HCl
          Molecular Weight 72.9219
          Physical and chemical property Appearance and property: Colorless or slightly yellow fuming liquid with pungent acidity.
                  Melting Point(℃): -114.8(purity)
                  Boiling Point(℃): 108.6(20%)
                  Relative density(water=1): 1.20
                  Vapour density(air=1): 1.26
                  Saturated vapor pressure(kPa): 30.66(21℃)
                  Solubility: mix with water and alkali solution
          Use Basic chemical raw materials, used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, printing and
                  dyeing, food and other industrial sectors.
          Structural Formula
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